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LightAidra – IRC Based Mass Router Scanner/Pwner


Lightidra is a mass-tool commanded by IRC that allows scanning and exploiting routers for make BOTNET (in rx-bot style), in addition to this, with aidra you can perform some attacks with tcp flood.


The installation is just a little complicated, but not hard! First download or git lightaidra-[VERSION].tar.gz

$ tar zxvf lightaidra*
$ cd lightaidra*
$ vi include/config.h

The REFERENCE_HTTP in config.h must be the server where you will upload the binaries (mips*, arm, ppc, sh4) and the shell script.

IMPORTANT: If you will change the names of binaries (ex. mips filename become mym1ps) you will need to update the Makefile and too with the new names!


Let’s build local version

$ make x86_32 (for 32bit)
$ make x86_64 (for 64bit)
# ./bin/x86_64

Now build for the other archs

$ make mipsel mips arm ppc superh

Upload and Join IRC

Start your anonymous webserver and upload the generated binaries and script. Connect to the IRC server and start pwn!


If you find bugs (which is quite likely), please submit them to with specific information, such as your command-line, the nature of the bug and other.


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